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  Esther Fitzgerald Rare Textiles

handles textiles of exceptional merit, from all cultures, covering a time span of 2000 years and has done so for the past three decades. We have been fortunate to place textiles, and collections of textiles, in major museums and institutions throughout the world.

However, a great passion of the company is to seduce new collectors, hence offering affordable tempters. The priority in selection is always visual, supported at all levels by thorough research.

The company services include: Valuation, Conservation, Research and Photography. We have added a short glossary to the website and also a brief list of books. We consider these books useful but also a good read, no manuals for knot counters.

Apologies again for being slow to update the site, but please feel free to contact us, many things don't make it to the site. We are also very happy to search things out for you.

Very best wishes.

Our Publications:


Seed and Spirit of Modernism
Volume 1. An exploration through textiles looking at the diverse influences that gave us the renaissance that became Modernism.
Seed and Spirit of Modernism
Volume 2. explores the Asian influences that inspired Modernist Abstract thought through linking Eastern philosophy with colour theory