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I met my first Tibetan chequer board  rug at an exhibition at Leyton House in Holland Park twenty five years ago. Somehow they silenced the space which was full of recently acquired art works from Tibet.

Later we did an exhibition of Tibetan rugs at the Jermyn Street gallery I shared with Shirley Day and Anna-Marie and Fabio Rossi. – At that time Tibet had been closed off from the rest the world for many years but what was strange was the variety of designs in the rugs ? This was anthropologically interesting but my heart was in the" silent rugs".

I became very interested in the visual device of the square in multiples. The  Inca  in Pre columbian America used it to define their separateness -in a crowd you would be seen! Our emergency services use it today for the same reason. For me it means home, safety, familiar, order, the ground. I like the little still lives one can create with a glass table and a rug - a contemporary Dutch old master. My home is full of diverse cultural design elements  - the chequer board stills what could be chaos.  It is rare today to find affordable old Tibetan rugs  and considering how many times I have been asked to source new ones - I think it is amazing  that I have now managed it.

..... Well done me !

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Tibetan chequer board rugs.
Wool warp Cotton weft .60 knots to the inch.
We have a small stock.
Otherwise it takes four weeks from order to delivery .
Rug measures : 160 cm x 83 cm's
At the moment the price is £ 400 there is a small variation according to exchange.